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Works of art

This sensible and tenacious creator mostly seeks profound relationships with the people he meets. This man who is at once representative of some form of German-French brotherhood and vibrating with feelings has once again reached his goal.

A. Bernard, Sud-Ouest, 2007

The artist Michael Hermes is deeply inspired by the Périgord (France). It is here where the places are filled with the history of our ancient ancestors.

Michael seems to rediscover the natural temple that once gave enormous creativity to the artists from Lascaux. Again and all over again he gives life to the colours that characterise this landscape so significantly. In so doing, he seems to invite us to emerge into our own interior that is shaped in accordance with the image of those caves.

And these interior places, playing with the reflections of light as well as with the harmony of colours in extremely subtle nuances, are in motion, sometimes inhabited by wondrous shapes.

Kinthia Appavou, 2010

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